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2016-17 SPED Content Creation Page

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Welcome to the 2016-17 SPED Content Creations Page!

The purpose of this page is to provide a hub of teacher created resources for sharing and collaboration.

Feel free to copy links below for the sharing of on your own class wikis.

Accessing and Sharing Videos and E-Books


Activity Planning Sheet

Content Creation Suggestions

Part 1 uploading e-books 

Part 2 uploading e-books

All project online agendas may be accessed here.



Please upload your projects to the tables below.


FALL 2016

Title  Posted By: Other Resources: 
Preschool Fall Activity -video Megan Sanders   
Preschool Blog Megan Sanders  
Big and little, short and TALL Theresse Ball 


Spatial Concepts Amanda/Kaitlyn  
The Doorbell Rang  book review video Sondra Powell  




Title  Posted By:  Other Resources: 
Categories  Amanda/Kaitlyn   
COLORS Renee Noack  
Environmental Signs-ebook Betty Burchfield  
Opposites-ebook Sondra Powell




Title  Posted By:  Other Resources: 

The Leaf Man  book review/activity video


Spatial Concepts.epub

Sondra Powell 


Michele Jackson

 This video contains a book review and a related activity to do with child. 


Naming where objects are.

Let's Count Renee Noack Using home materials to practice counting and numeral 



Title  Posted By:  Other Resources: 
Pinwheel Breathing  video Sondra Powell   Activity encourages breathing such as that in Conscious Discipline.





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